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This guide is not just for the Law Enforcement Officer. It is a great read and educational guide for universities with strong Criminal Justice (CJ) Programs, and carries valuable information to the law-abiding citizen.


It highlights survival & self-evaluation tips, training considerations and key differences of each environment while pointing out concerns of liability to First-Responders and the Armed Citizen in the off-duty world.

"This guide illustrates a realistic approach to what off-duty law enforcement officers need to be made aware of in a home or relaxed environment."

- Off. J. Zhang, NY Dept. of Corrections

"This book would do very well for new officers in the training academy!"

- G. Guerrero, 27 years Federal Law Enforcement


About the Author

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"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst."- Aristotle

Daniel "Bow" Bowen continues to dedicate himself within many avenues of the security industry for over sixteen years. Daniel served in the United States Army's 10th Mountain Division, carrying out numerous small- and large-team mountain warfare operations in northeastern Afghanistan. After his discharge, Daniel joined the ranks as a law enforcement professional, and continues his service in federal law enforcement. Among his accolades, Daniel has completed both S.W.A.T., Hostage Rescue and Law Enforcement Sniper certifications. Daniel is also a certified Criminal Investigator (CI) & Social Media Intelligence Expert (SMIE).


Through his time in law enforcement, Daniel has been recruited as a contractor to conduct protective services in support of the U.S. Department of State’s (DoS) World Protective Service (WPS) & International Narcotics Law Enforcement (INL) Mission in the Middle East. Daniel has also conducted protective services for Celebrities, Musicians, Religious and Political figures around the D.C. Metro area.

Daniel has created a training curriculum and presentation on “Off-duty Police ( & Citizen ) Survival”, having conducted presentations on the subject. Daniel earned his Bachelor of Science ( BSc ) from National American University (NAU) majoring in Strategic Security & Protection Management, with emphasis in Counter-Terrorism and Protective Services, and completed his Masters of Intelligence Management ( IM ) , studying major topics such as Espionage, Intelligence Operations & Emergency Management. 

Why this Book?

What does this guide bring to the reader?

- It defines key differences from the on and off-duty capabilities. -

- It provides the individual officer a better understanding of their place in society. -

- It provides leadership tools and information in considering off-duty training options. -

- It offers both the first responder and armed-citizen a bridge in communication, and family safety considerations. -

Survivability as a Law Enforcement Officer, First-Responder or Law-Abiding Citizen does not start at the beginning of our shift, nor does it stop as we pick up our children from school at the end of the day. It is a FOREVER CONSTANT that must be met to maintain our livelihood and the safety of those around us. As law enforcement officers and security professionals, we have certain dedicated legal powers in uniform that allow us to perform our sworn duties to ‘Protect and to Serve’ honorably and effectively. However, we may have fewer legal powers and less support when we punch out for the day. It is not uncommon to forget that once off-duty, many of our legal powers may be reduced to that of the average citizen. What does this mean for us? As professionals and citizens alike, what we know of ourselves, our department, our communities, and how we respond in an off-duty capacity, will help determine the results of each scenario.

'Surviving Off-Duty' is not simply having your gun, badge or CCW with you. It is training yourself, your fellow officers,  educating the population of armed law-abiding citizens, and your family on the different beasts that the off-duty environment brings to the table.  We train for that 'On-Duty' or 'Armed' mentality. That alone is not enough to become an effective asset, flexible survivor and protector when off the clock.

The lives of every Citizen, Soldier and First-Responder are vital in maintaining peace and safety within our family, community and country.

Because of this, once a quarter a percentage of the proceeds (book, accessories or services) is donated towards different foundations supporting First-Responders and their families.

Foundation of the Quarter

Veterans for Child Rescue


Anti-Child Trafficking